Our proximity service is synonymous with a fresh and friendly, face to face, distribution methodology. Because we only offer our bespoke service and products through our trained sales advisers, we ensure that each and every customer gets a unique sales experience which is tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Additionally, the implied personal interaction with our sales advisers provides a significant opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge which has been acquired by Sudorf; our highly trained staff can offer useful advice and information.

Currently, our team of skilled sales advisers travel the roads in demonstration van?s every day, soliciting requirements for new tools, presenting new products, advising on usage and providing trials of existing Sudorf tools. Ultimately, this equates to thousands of visits each year to the end users? premises/workplace. Each visit provides our sales advisers with a significant opportunity to learn the needs and requirements of end users. This hands on experience enables our sales advisers to better understand the needs of end users as well as offer useful advice and information. Ultimately this translates into our tools better meeting the requirements of the end user. Ultimately, this methodology serves to further strengthen the quality of our reputation and contributes to our continuing success.

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