Innovative Product Design

Sudorf has always prided itself on being able to offer innovative and exciting tools which offer significant benefits for end users. Our bespoke tools and equipment are designed first and foremost to meet the requirements gathered from the client. However, all of our tools are also designed to be extremely durable and highly effective in order to allow users to work more efficiently; quicker with improved comfort and safety. Our range of tools is continuously improving and expanding, encompassing more and more of the individual needs of our customers.

How the Process Works…

The process behind our bespoke tools is designed to be as straight forward for the client as possible:

  • The process starts by requesting a visit from one of our experienced sales advisers or submitting an online proposal
  • Our skilled sales advisers will discuss your needs and requirements and help to refine exactly what piece of equipment you are looking to source
  • We will then use the provided information to design and source a tool which meets the outlined requirements. If the desired tool is one which we have developed previously, it may be possible to supply the equipment immediately
  • Once a specialized tool has been sourced, our sales advisers will return to the clients premises to deliver the desired quantity of the custom made tool.
  • Our lifetime guarantee encompasses all our bespoke products, so our customers can take advantage of our free-of-charge replacement or repair service, with no time restrictions.

If you are interested in our bespoke service and would like to find out more. Please use the form located here to schedule a visit from one of our sales advisers.

Alternatively why not take advantage of our online proposal assessment service by submitting a proposal through our website. We will then go through your submission, assessing your proposal and identifying the requirements underpinning your proposed tool. Subsequently, we will contact you with a product brief and further assess your needs to take the process further. To submit an online proposal, please complete the form located here.

Product Quality

Our bespoke products are meticulously designed to offer excellent physical strength, exceptional environmental resistance, optimized performance levels, exceptional comfort, high safety standards and easy operation. Simply put, our products are designed to provide ever more benefits to users; helping them to increase productivity, streamline workflows and reduce effort levels which ultimately translates into improved efficiency.

In addition, each and everyone of our products are extensively tested to ensure these characteristics are all satisfied under all expected conditions.

Furthermore, our commitment to repair and, if necessary, replace, our bespoke tools, goes great lengths to demonstrate the quality of the products we produce. We stand by each and every one of our products 100%.

Hence, our customers can therefore have complete confidence that each and every Sudorf product is designed to be fit-for-purpose, high quality and guaranteed to last a life time. To find out more about our lifetime guarantee, please visit the Guarantee page.

Friendly Customer Facing Distribution Network

Sudorf employs numerous skilled and knowledgeable sales advisers, whose sole concern is to ensure that all distinct needs of the customer are gathered effectively, and subsequently met with the supplied custom tool. This procedure might be quite intensive, but it helps to ensure that the requirements necessary to develop a custom tool are correctly gathered since our sales advisors can work with our customers to determine exactly what they are looking for. For more information on our customer orientated service, please visit the Proximity page.

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