Sudorf specializes in developing custom specification tools, religiously based on user specifications. Essentially, we are experts in developing high quality and effective tools that simplify our customers more taxing and time consuming tasks, with an aim to improving their efficiency and subsequently, their productivity. To find out more about our bespoke tool service, please visit the Services page.

However, we also offer a comprehensive range of more general hand tools. Our full range of general tools are designed to offer superior physical strength, exceptional environmental resistance, easy operation, exceptional comfort, and high safety standards. Our three main general tool categories are shown below, with each encompassing a number of individual tool types. For a complete breakdown of our entire general tool range, please contact us.

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Drive Plus

The drive plus tool range has been carefully designed to ensure that each and every tool is efficient and extremely easy to use. The Sudorf drive plus product line incorporates a wide array of sockets, including, but not limited to, impact and bit sockets.

Ergo Comfort

Our ergo comfort range is designed to symbiotically support the user by perfectly interacting with their hands, offering immense comfort and a superior range of motion. The ergo comfort product line incorporates a myriad of composite screw drivers, hooks & picks and much more.

Anti Shock

The Sudorf anti shock range is designed to produce exceptionally high levels of strength and endurance whilst simultaneously minimizing responsive resistance and user discomfort. The anti shock product line incorporates a range of heat punch/chisel sets, variations of shock resistant hammers and many other tools.