About Us

Sudorf is one of the leading suppliers of specialized tools and garage equipment, offering a bespoke tool design service to the vehicle service industry. Simply put, our aim is to make available high quality and effective tools that simplify your more taxing and time consuming tasks, with an aim to boosting efficiency and productivity.

Sudorf competes on the strong basis of its flexible and effective design service, product quality and performance, and a proximity service. However, individuals and their specific needs are the driving force behind our very special and intimate service. We work hard to solicit the needs and requirements of our clients, before using the gathered information to develop and source new products to meet these needs. Furthermore, our face to face proximity distribution helps to ensure that our service is always tailored to the distinct needs of the end user, enabling them to reap the rewards of our accumulated knowledge and expertise. Hence, at each and every stage of the process, the needs of the end user are at the center of every decision made; ensuring that the end product is of great benefit to the customer. Ultimately, it is the quality of our service and finished products which have driven the long standing success enjoyed by Sudorf. To find out more about our bespoke service, please visit the Services page.

The existing Sudorf product line consists of a number of unique and specialized tools, each developed for a specific purpose with a specific end user in mind. However, we also offer a range of more general hand tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers. For more information on the types of general tools offered by Sudorf, please visit the Products page.

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